About the Informed Voters Project

All across the nation, the fairness and impartiality of state court judges are being threatened by powerful special interests seeking to tip the scales of justice in their favor.  Their success or failure rests on their ability to mislead voters, particularly if they lack sufficient knowledge about how impartial courts uphold the law.

The Informed Voters Project was born from this concern. 

“Informed Voters – Fair Judges Project” is a non- partisan voter education initiative developed to increase public awareness about the judicial system, to inform voters that politics and special interest attacks have no place in the courts, and to give voters the tools they need to ensure judges are appointed and elected on the basis of their character and ability.

Our members are committed to using this marketplace of ideas to educate voters, and inspire legal professionals to recognize destructive tactics that threaten fair courts and equal justice.  Equipped with knowledge, the public can make informed decisions when they vote, ensuring justice for all.



Chief Justice Cantil Headshot

Chief Justice, California Supreme Court
San Francisco, California

Co-Chair, Informed Voters Project



Linda Leali WebLINDA LEALI, ESQ.
Attorney, Linda Leali P.A.
Pompano Beach, Florida
Co-chair, Informed Voters Project



JB Headshot

Justice, Florida Supreme Court
Tallahassee, Florida
Co-chair, NAWJ Judicial Independence Committee                                                



Justice Hudson headshot

Justice, North Carolina Supreme Court
Raleigh, North Carolina
Co-chair, NAWJ Judicial Independence Committee


Executive Director, Florida Law Related Education Association, Inc.
Tallahassee, Florida
National Education Chair, Informed Voters Project