Judges & Lawyers

Welcome!  You are about to join a project that involves some of the nation’s foremost thought-leaders and legal professionals with a dual function: to educate the public and to protect fair and impartial courts.  In fact, if you are involved in civic education or if your state has a merit retention election or contested election this year, IVP is tailor made for you.

The Informed Voters Project has several programs and resources for your community of legal educators:

Presentation Toolkit ivp toolkit

Materials and resources for public education on maintaining a fair and impartial judiciary.

Conference in a Box

  • As an Informed Voters Project partner, you will gain access to a “Conference in a Box”. This turn-key program has been developed to help project partners request, organize and present a panel discussion on fair and impartial courts at your own Conference.


Speaker’s Bureau

The Informed Voters Project Speaker’s Bureau brings civic education to citizens across the nation. We connect audiences with speakers in a variety of ways including keynotes, panel discussions and joint presentations. In joining the Speaker’s Bureau, you become a part of a community of educators committed to teaching voters about the judicial system and the importance of judicial independence. You will only be contacted to present if a speaker request is made in your area and will be provided with nonpartisan educational materials prior to the presentation. 

Disclaimer: We welcome and encourage your use of the materials provided by the Informed Voters Project of the National Association of Women Judges. Please note that we will not be held responsible for the way in which these materials are distributed and/or utilized.